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Finding the motivation for a workout will always be hard; especially when it involves stepping out of your comfort zone. But the truth is that without doing so, it becomes impossible for a person to break or avoid, a fitness plateau. A fitness plateau is a phenomena that most people experience when they get to a point when they are neither gaining nor losing fat, muscle, or weight. Many people make the mistake of assuming that as long as they are exercising, it doesn’t matter what kind of exercises they do, or how long they do them. While any form of physical activity is always good for your body, you have to remember that after a certain amount of time, our bodies adjust themselves to our regular routines and will no longer be stimulated the same way they once were by a certain workout. In order to keep improving our fitness, grow more muscle, strength and power, it’s crucial that we don’t allow our bodies to get to a stage of comfort in our workout regime. This can only be done when we perform different workout styles, as much as we can, whenever we can.

There are tons of different methods for you to try, but if you think your current routine needs some instant, no-hassle spontaneity,  below are 4 different work out styles you can easily execute at home or at the gym!



Pilates is a system of different exercises/poses that strengthen your core, energize your body, and build flexibility. Although you can opt to use equipment like free weights or exercise balls, all you really need is some space on the floor. If watching Youtube tutorials isn’t your cup of tea,  try going to instructional classes. Pilates movements are similar to yoga stretches, but are done in intense reps. The great thing with Pilates is that you can easily work at your own pace and comfort; choosing between beginners, intermediate or advanced level training. Search your local gym for a Pilates instructor if you want an energetic, full body workout!



HNCK3608Running is something that can turn out to be some people’s greatest love, and other’s worst nightmare. It’s certainly something that takes a great amount of dedication, hard work, and endurance, but is open to everybody and every skill level. If you’re brand new to running, start by simply walking long distances to get used to the cardio. Another advice would be to download one of the many running apps that track user progress and motivate users with goals. You can jog around the local high school track, your neighborhood block or through a park. Be sure to wear reflective gear if you’re keen on running at night, and in general, keep heed of avoiding unfamiliar or unsafe areas. Running can work wonders for people looking to build lean muscle, but it’s really the convenience of being able to run anywhere or anytime that makes this an easy no-hassle workout.



Yoga is a regimen that’s become a lifestyle for many in today’s day and age, but there are always a number of people that are hesitant to embrace it as a part of their workout. If you are one of those people, you should know that yoga is available for anyone to try anywhere. If you’re uncomfortable striking poses in an official class, have a go at it alone at home. Yoga is a lot like meditating because it focuses heavily on breathing, as you move through a series of different postures. It’s a great exercise to work on flexibility, strength, and practice mindfulness. In the beginning, don’t worry as much about the perfection of your poses, just remember that balance, strength and flexibility are all built over time. Like Pilates, you can join classes that have instructors who’ll work with you according to your experience/ physical level. Simply find a local yoga studio, gym class, DVD, or online guide to get you started.



Over the last few years, Zumba (a dance fusion class) has become a major craze for regular gym-goers, but a lot of people undermine its advantages because they don’t consider dance a real workout. This is big mistake to make because not only does this class accept all body types, fitness levels, ages and abilities, but it’s rhythmic music also forces students to practice high energy, high calorie-burning dance steps. And if you’re burning calories, you are working out! It’s simple as that. The only real downside to trying a Zumba class would be that some people aren’t comfortable performing with a big group, but if that’s you, just know that no one in class is expecting you to look like you’ve got every step down. Most of the students attending Zumba aren’t practiced dancers. But if that’s still not enough to calm your nerves, you can always resort to online tutorials for Zumba as well.  If you’re up for the new experience, Zumba will get you a taste of hip-hop, salsa, Bollywood and mambo, while incorporating lunges, squats, and other strength building moves to give you a total body workout. You lose weight, become more flexible, and gain confidence!


No matter what you end up using or trying to revamp your workout, the most important thing to remember is to always make sure that you stay safe, and doesn’t push yourself too hard, too soon. Otherwise, have fun! We’re positive that you and your body will reap the benefits of a spontaneous exercise regimen very soon!

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