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Ponytails are quite simply the greatest hairstyle of all time and quite easily, every girl’s go-to updo. They’re one of the few quick/no-fuss kind of looks every girl can easily rock. It cools you down if your hair is long and thick, conceals the greasiness that builds up from natural secreting oils in the scalp and keeps your lovely locks out of your face when needed.

Nonetheless, wearing and rocking the same style of ponytail can easily get a little boring and monotonous. Here are some small and quick ways you can freshen up your updo!

  1. Bandanas
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This one is my personal favorite. Bandanas are cheap, cute and come in a wide selection of colors and styles. They can be worn many different ways; tied up in a knot like a headband across the forehead ,”Rosie the Riveter” style or whatever method you prefer. Color coordinating them to match your outfit is a great way to go about wearing them but there’s also nothing wrong with making a statement by picking a color or pattern that completely stands apart from the rest of your outfit! Do you!

  1. Color Streak
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Colored hair is a HUGE trend right now. It might be scary to commit to a whole head of purple, blue or pink hair, but there’s no harm in having a couple strands of color showing, right? You can get clip-on  colored hair strands in almost any beauty store or use washable hair dye if you want a temporary colored hairstyle. Just like bandanas, you will have a wide range of colors to choose from!

  1. Braid Around Hair Tie
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This one is really simple. After putting all your hair in a ponytail, grab a small strand and braid it. Once it’s braided, wrap it around the base where the hair tie is. Secure it by tucking the end piece into your hair tie or pinning it down.

  1. Bows
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Much like bandanas, bows come in a variety of colors, patterns and sizes. I wore a uniform in grade school and I loved using bows to add a touch of my style! A bow with a cute design can not only make a plain ponytail more exciting, but also a simple outfit. The great thing with bows are that you can wear them in different places on your head to create a look that you best like; try wearing it at the base of the ponytail or clip it on to one side of your head to push back bangs or loose hair strands.

  1. Added Curls
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Curls are a great way to liven up any dull ponytail. If you already have somewhat wavy or curly hair, sponge curlers are your best friend. If you put them in before bed, you’ll wake up to more  cleaner looking luscious curls. Hot rollers or curling irons are more effective for thick, fine or very sleek hair. In the morning, plug them in your hot rollers and wait about 10 minutes. After you’ve put them in, you can go about doing things such as eating breakfast or brushing your teeth. Wait about half an hour and then take the rollers out. If you decide to go the curling iron route, you won’t have quite the same freedom to multi-task while waiting for your hair to curl, but devoting about 15-20 mins (depending on the thickness of your hair) should be enough to add some curly/wavy bounce to your ponytail!


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