About Us

In Hindi, “ehsaas” is to feel or realize something.

Here at Ehsaas Magazine, we work to help young girls and women across the globe realize their true potential.

Regardless of race, religion, economic class, or any other societal limitations, no woman should ever feel that she is capable of anything less than her dreams.
Ehsaas Magazine is devoted to inspiring, motivating and encouraging women of all nationalities and ages to become the very best versions of themselves in all aspects of life.

Here, you’ll find articles on fashion, beauty, health, fitness, education, career, relationships, self-esteem and noteworthy inspirational women that’ve paved the way for ladies to break through barriers, glass ceilings, & damaging stereotypes/labels traditionally holding women back.

Ehsaas Magazine is for all the ladies refusing to let their identity be limited or defined by the society around them.

Ehsaas Magazine is for women that want it all & can do it all!

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