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#RealTalk? Working out blows. Whether you’re currently in school or already have a career, we know that there are numerous other things you would like to do with your time than having to sweat it out in a gym. Looking like a hot mess and reeking of BO isn’t at the top of any woman’s list. We get it. It’s difficult to maintain motivation to workout when you’re tired, have a lot going on and feel like you need a break.

To help you deal with a busy schedule and your workout hatred, here are 11 sneaky ways to lose weight without doing a single exercise.

Chew In Slow-Mo: When there’s a lot to get done, people tend to rush all their activities; including eating. As satisfying as it feels to whip through your day’s task, rushing any meals or snacks is a bad idea when you want to stay on board the fitness wagon. Fast chewers swallow more air with each bite that they take; thus ending up being more bloated. If only for your waistline, get on top of your slow chewing game ASAP.

Stand (Or Sit) Tall: Believe it or not, good posture can give you significant health benefits; including more burned calories. The next time get up to go anywhere or sit down, check your body position. Good posture is sitting or standing like you have a pen between your shoulder blades.

Get a Workout Ball: Many of us spend countless of amount of hours working in front of a desk on a normal chair. Not only does that not help us in any way, but it’s also incredibly boring. Try switching out your regular chair for an exercise ball. Doing so is fun and it requires you to use your core muscles to stay stable at the same time.

Write Your Calories: Many women that are trying to lose weight try to focus on their diet as well as their daily exercise. Something not all women do however, is have an actual calorie journal to keep track of what they’ve been eating. (Many just try to record it in their head or don’t even bother with focusing on the calories as long as they’re eating healthy). Both of these things are fine as long as you know how to stay totally on top of them. If not however, we’ve found that it’s a really good idea to create a space for you to actually plot down the number of calories you eat throughout the day. Visually seeing the number of calories you’ve eaten with each meal and snack is a great way to curb your temptations. It’ll help you refrain from taking in more calories next time if you see the numbers all in front of you.

Minimize The Plate: Eat smart by eating with smaller plates or bowls. This will give your brain the false illusion that you’ve already had a lot, and you’ll feel more full. It’s a perfect way to make sure you don’t overeat.

Forget Your Sweats: If you don’t have plans to get up and hit the gym or go outside for a quick walk/run, you should forget about hanging out in your sweatpants and sweatshirts altogether (if you want to lose weight that is). Their comfort will make you an easy target to being more lazy than usual and cause you to not realize if you’ve been eating right or not the whole time.Their bagginess is both the best and worst thing about them as it will easily hide any extra weight gain eating too many calories. A better idea is to embrace your regular clothes; especially jeans. Women know exactly how ruthless they can be; letting you know within seconds, if you’re on the right track or not.

Ditch Hunger Strikes. Just because you’re busy and may not have the motivation to workout doesn’t mean that you should balance it by forgoing meals. This is one mistake that numerous women make repeatedly, thinking that it makes up for the calories you would’ve otherwise burned at the gym. This is a very bad idea as it will only increase your appetite, making you more likely to binge eat later on, and weaken your ability to say no to temptations you should be avoiding. Even if you don’t workout, always eat your basic 3 meals of the day.Just make sure that they are balanced & nutritious meals, instead of fatty meals that would only make you gain weight.

Pull Out a Chair To Eat: Many people take the benefits of sitting down to enjoy a nice meal for granted. Doing so helps your metabolism more than if you were to eat standing up. People that stand and eat are more likely to consume more because their metabolism doesn’t work as well. These people won’t have a good idea of when they are full.

Cook But Don’t Taste: Ever wondered why many people don’t feel hungry after cooking? As delicious of a meal as you may have prepared, you probably don’t feel like eating that much at the dinner table because you’ve already eaten while cooking! Taste testing may be an important part of cooking but these calories can easily add up without you even realizing it. It’s fine to cook for your friends and family, but if you know that you won’t be working out anytime soon, make sure you have another friend or family member taste test in your place.

Sip With Caution: Something that’s easy to forget is that drinks, and not just food, also have calories. Drinks don’t make us feel full the same way food does, and as a result, many women actually end up drinking more than their allowed calories. This is true for coffee, tea, energy drinks, smoothies and anything else that’s not water. Alcoholic drinks especially, are important to watch because besides being empty calories, they can also inhibit your ability to make smart decisions around meal time; making you more likely to give in to your temptations.

Cut Back On Meal Socializing: Of course it’s always great to catch up with some old friends and co-workers but if you’re a social butterfly that has plans to go out everyday or every other day, be picky about what locations you choose. Most people do end up choosing something like a nice restaurant as their go-to, to sit and catch up with friends. If that’s you, the next time you go out, try to suggest places where you and your pal can partake in activities that aren’t centered around eating. Restaurants make sticking on to nutritious diets difficult because of their voluminous menu of amazingly good food (all of which they serve in large portions); whose aroma will be all around you. That’s not even to mention the fact that you may have to watch your friends eat something that you are hardcore craving just while you’re trying to be healthy. Have some pity and do yourself a favor by being a little more frugal on the number of restaurants you visit in a week.

Carry a Homemade Meal: You may be a busy bee but no one is so busy that they can’t spare 15-20 minutes to pack themselves a good homemade lunch for work or school. Why trust that the cafeteria or restaurant near your office will do just fine? Even if they are convenient, you don’t really know what you’re eating and putting into your body. Did they use skim milk? Did they skip the butter? Do they have organic ingredients? The questions are endless but the risk is just the same; that you are potentially endangering your diet with food that may have contents you’re trying to avoid. Even if you ask, it’s impossible to know every single thing that went into making it. When you’re not working out to burn away additional calories that a meal like that may cost you, it’s best to have homemade meals and snacks to indulge in without feeling guilty.

Turn Up the H20: High intake of water is a MUST, regardless of whether or not you go to they gym. Besides the significant health benefits, one glass of water before eating helps you feel more full, making it easier on you to eat less calories.

Get Your Beauty Sleep: Lack of sleep is bad for you and your plans to lose weight. A slower metabolism, increased risk of diabetes, potential weight gain, decreased energy and increased risk of obesity are just a few examples of why late nights and all-nighters are not a good idea.

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