Writer: Claire Branigin

Claire Branigin, responds to the question What do you personally struggle with in dealing with society and what do you think it means to be a woman in today’s society?”  Here is what she has to say:

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I struggle with feeling good about my size and appearance whilst constantly surrounded by messages that I am not enough. I recovered from body image issues and an eating disorder in college, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t still have my bad days. Advertising preys on women by attaching feelings of guilt to food and promoting the idea of an “ideal” body. There is a fine line between a desire to live healthily and an unhealthy obsession with perfect health (and a perfect appearance). Marketing specialists and media outlets alike, cross this line far too often; negatively influencing modern women’s perceptions of their own worth.

Being a woman in today’s society means that the world tries to define us by the makeup we wear, the labels on our clothes, and the measures of our waists. It’s no wonder that embracing our bodies the way they were made is extremely difficult—but that needs to change, and I want to contribute to that change. Women should be defined by their personalities, ideas, and accomplishments; not the number on the scale, because it has no influence on those parts of us.

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