Writer: Madison Rose

 Madison Rose responds to the question What do you personally struggle with in dealing with society and what do you think it means to be a woman in today’s society?”  Here is what she has to say:



Many societal cultures have pre-conceived notions about what it means to be female; regularly associating femininity with weakness. Because of this, young girls and women go about life feeling victimized and ashamed of their identity, instead of celebrating who they are. Women have paved their own path in history;they juggle domestic duties and consuming careers at the same time. They are mothers, daughters, sisters, wives and business women. As such, femininity is something be proud of.
In my own life, I have been constantly underestimated as a woman. Many people don’t expect me to be as tenacious or strong willed as I am. They’re easily surprised when I know more about sports than men. They are either caught off guard by my opinionated nature or will wonder why I know so much about politics. Despite common belief, being a woman is not about confirming to societal standards. As a woman, I can be who ever I want to be. I personally enjoy deviating from expectation and I think other woman should too.

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